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Yo, my name is Erica, and welcome to yet another bicycle blog! Yeah, it seems like everyone has a cycling blog these days, and while I'm not usually one for a trend, this is one I can get behind.

Some background: I don't have a driver's license. Due to poor vision and attention issues, I find driving extremely difficult, and after failing my road test six times, I figured that driving and me are not meant to be. I moved to a city where it was possible to live car-free, but I wasn't riding a bike (hey, Pittsburgh is hilly!). Perhaps ironically, I first started riding a bike for the first time (as an adult) in the suburbs, in late 2010. The suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland are largely bereft of public transportation, yet too spread out to be walked easily, which left the bike as my only option if I didn't want to go completely stir-crazy. Now I live in Baltimore City, but I've continued cycling on an almost daily basis, both because of the gaps in the bus/light rail system here, and also because it's just usually faster. Plus, it's a lot easier to enjoy a bike commute than a public transportation commute!

Look for sporadic updates, well, whenever I feel like it. Topics I'll discuss include riding in Baltimore, sustainable transportation, public perceptions of cycling, and the general how-tos of everyday cycling. Also, pictures, now that I've mostly figured out how to download them from my phone (I'm pretty technology dumb).

If you want to find me elsewhere in the blogosphere, my "general blog" is Breakfast at Twilight and I also occasionally contribute comic book reviews at my husband Rob's blog Panel Patter.

And, yes, the title of this blog DOES come from the Daniel Johnston song:

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